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Interview: Ari B

Ari B is no ordinary teenager living in Boston. The multi-talented singer-songwriter has won many awards at music festivals, not only gaining praise from fans but those she works with. “I haven’t worked with an artist this good since Chris Brown,” says choreographer Chuck Maldonado while speaking of Ari B’s talents. Maldonado and director Wayne Isham have partnered together with Ari, creating engaged and captivating music videos.

Following the release of “Dance Into The Party,” Ari has announced a trio of singles to be released in the near future. The first single of this trio is “Just Get Me,” described as an emotionally raw driven soul track diving into the subject of a love fiasco. The talented artist teased fans with this video for a sneak peek at her new single “Just Get Me”:


Music Existence: Welcome!
Ari B: Hey! How are you?

ME: Doing great, how are you?
Ari B: I’m fabulous. Boston is a little warmer today. (laughs)

ME: Following your success with “Dance Into The Party,” which I love the message behind, you have a new single coming out called “Just Get Me.” What can you tell us about your new single?
Ari: “Just Get Me” is definitely going to be a little more different from “Dance Into The Party.” I can say it’s more of a darker, R&B vibe. The song is very, very genuine. I think people will definitely relate to it. It’s very vulnerable. The big part of it is you kind of get to see how emotional I am of a singer, and it’s all about a love situation that didn’t work out.

ME: You shot the video recently with the same director (Wayne Isham) for “Dance Into The Party.” What was it like working/collaborating with Wayne again?
Ari: So great! I wanted to work with him again, because I know creatively we get along so well. We were both excited. He has such a strong vision, and I have my vision. I can say that the two of us get along very well, and I was blessed to work with him again.

ME: What are you currently listening to?
Ari: One of the songs I’ve been into Camila Cabello’s “Havana.” It’s such a fun song and has a unique sound to it. Demi Lovato. Just stuff I love personally – Michael Jackson and Motown.

ME: That actually connects with my next question. What was the first artist or song you really resonated with that developed your love for music?
Ari: I would say MJ has been my number one inspiration. He’s the reason that I do and love to do what I do. He really spoke to me when I was younger, and I relate to his art form. I love how he puts on a performance – very raw and dramatic.

ME: What is one philosophy you live by on a day-to-day basis?
Ari: No matter what troubles are going on, there’s always going to be a solution. I’m a very positive thinker. I’m always looking to the next step and get to the best place in my life.

ME: What are some career goals that you have set for yourself this year?
Ari: I’m very excited for this new song and video to come out. I’m also writing two other songs. It’s like a trio; they all connect with each other. You’re going to see the emotional progression of this love situation that went wrong. It’s definitely going to be different, deep, and meaningful. People can connect to it, but it’s also going to be really cool. It’s going to have swag. (laughs) I’m really excited.

ME: Do you have any shows coming up or that you hope to perform at this year?
Ari: I’m planning to come into L.A. in February for the release of the music and video. Right now it’s hard, because I’m in Boston. It’s hard to find any shows around here. That’s always the next step, and I’ll be in L.A. soon. That’s still to be determined.

ME: Do you have anything to say to your fans to finish off?
Ari: I love people, and I love music. I can’t wait to perform the music.

Me: Thank you so much!
Ari: Thank you!

Be on the lookout for “Just Get Me” and stay connected with Ari B:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | iTunes

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