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Home Recording Studio Essentials for Beginners College Students

Most people think that building a home recording studio, is a very tough task; it takes months of proper planning, groundwork, and preparation. But the fact is that getting started as a beginner needs a few necessary requirements. The significant thing to keep in mind before starting is that you should always try to start off with a simple studio, it is most preferred. The main reason behind it is that since it is one of your hobbies, and by attempting too much you would get overwhelmed, you would get discouraged and eventually you would quit. And all that time and money you invested till now goes to waste.

If you are a newbie who is interested in recording music, you can make your perfect first home recording studio by including these seven items in your studio:

  1. A computer: If someone is planning to start a studio from scratch, then you are going to spend a big chunk of money in the computer. But nowadays, everyone has some computers, and virtually all these computers are fast enough to help at least to get started. So in the beginning, you can start with the computer which you have, and later on, you can upgrade it according to your needs.
  2. A DAW/Audio Interface Combo: DAW is the software which is used for recording, editing and mixing music on the PC. An audio interface is a hardware which is used for connecting the PC with the rest of the gear. These two items can be bought as two single items. Since all these items are for your first studio, so it is highly recommended to purchase these items as a combo because it will become one item less in your shopping list for the studio, it is cheaper to buy as a combo rather than buying separately, and it also offers guaranteed tech and compatibility support.
  3. A Microphone: As time passes, home studios acquire numbers of microphones. But to get started, all you need is one microphone. Always try to get the microphone which is cheap, super-versatile and recognized worldwide as an industry standard. USB microphones can be used with computers, but those looking for professional-grade results are opting to get an XLR connected to the computer with an audio interface. One of the more popular ones out there is https://musiccritic.com/equipment/focusrite-scarlett-solo-3-audio-interface
  4. Headphones: Just like the microphone, in the starting, all you need is one headphone because you will spend most of the time recording by yourself. There are two designs specifically for studio purpose. One is closed back headphones and other is open back headphones used for mixing. Closed back headphone is a necessity for a first studio.
  5. Studio Monitors: Nowadays, a majority of the mixing are done on open back headphones. Studio monitors are very different from consumer speakers. The frequency response of studio monitors is very flattered which helps in judging your mix in a better way.
  6. XLR Cables: In the starting, you will need only three cables. One long XLR cable is used for the mic, and two short cables are used for monitors.
  7. A Mic stand: A beginner won’t be able to understand the differences between the mic stands, but the fact is that you should consider buying a professional mic stand for your home studio.

Now you are aware of all the essential needs of a recording studio; now you are ready to record your music.

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