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How to Become an Electronic Music Producer

Being an electronic music producer is quite interesting. If you are a creative individual, it will be much easy for you to come up with incredible music. You also have to be ambitious so that you can feel challenged to improve your skills, knowledge and music. You should not rush the process because you will not become successful in one day. You have to be patient and persistent.


Below are steps that you can follow to help you become a great electronic music producer.

Know the type of Music You Want to Produce

There are different types of electronic music. They vary in styles and genres so you have to choose what you feel more. It is up to you to choose the sound that is most appealing to you. Be it dubstep, ambient, trap or house, it up to you to decide. Listen to different types of electronic music for a better understanding. You can as well come up with something totally different and exciting.

Carry out Adequate Research on Artists

If you listen to various artists, it will be easy for you to know how to start and create relevant music. Read newspapers and magazines to learn as much as you can about production of electronic music. Reading reviews and listening to interviews are also good sources of information. This will give you inspiration to learn about other producers’ success journey.

Get the Software Needed

It is advisable that you purchase a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This software is used by producers to compose, sequence and arrange music. The software also has effects and instrumentals that you can use to create songs. Carry out research on the best DAW to use.

Invest in Plugins and Hardware

Invest in high quality plugins such as samplers, mixing effects, and synthesizers. Also use a computer with good capability. A powerful computer is essential for this task. To give you a guideline, ensure that your computer has these minimum requirements: 4GB RAM, 1GB graphics memory, 500GB hard disc, and Intel Core i3 processor.

Invest in a Good Sound System and Non-essential Hardware

To create quality music, you have to invest in quality headphones and speakers. Before you purchase any brand, carry out a detailed research on its pros and cons. Some great brands to consider include Yamaha, M-Adio and KRK.


For headphones, you may consider buying AKG, Audio-Technica or Sennheiser. Some of the non-essential hardware you should purchase include: hardware processors, microphones, keyboards, and audio interfaces.

Learn How to Use your Hardware and Software

There is a manual to guide you on how to use your gear. Read it keenly and take notes if possible. You can as well learn from YouTube videos. Watch as many tutorials as you can to learn the best way of doing things. Using hardware is easier than software but you have to position them appropriately to get quality sound.

Produce an Electronic Song of Your Choice

You had earlier identified the type of music you want to produce. You can bring in different ideas and influences to create something great. If you still find it challenging, identify the best features from your favorite song and list them down. Use the features to guide you to create your song.

Learn the Theory Aspect of Electronic Music

With a good understanding of electronic music theory, you will create catchy songs easily and quickly. Get as much knowledge as you can on chords and melody. To create a decent tune, replicate melodies from the most popular songs. Doing so will help you to create the best melodies. Feel free to also visit Gadgets Page website to learn more about how to become an electronic music producer


Following these steps will help you become a great electronic producer. If your first song is terrible, do not give up but try to improve your skills and knowledge. Stay positive and be willing to learn.

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