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Show Review: Echo Black at American Beauty in NYC 11/02/2017

Echo Black celebrated the release of their debut full length-album, Dawn, with an unforgettable and rather intimate party in New York City’s American Beauty. The alternative pop-rock band finalized their tour along with the support of Pros & Icons, Moonfall, and Big Tim Kellams.

Long Island’s Pros & Icons energy was vibrant and captivating. The band incorporated funky synchronized dancing and frontman, Joseph Mastando owned the stage, enticing a dance party while guitarists, Nicholas Vaude and Lenny Morales made their way into the crowd for a very up-close-and-personal performance, which everyone ate up.

Moonfall’s delightful performance followed. This local New York act has their gig down to a science. Vocalist and guitarist Matthew Howl, bassist Mei Moor, and drummer Andrew Chow savor every moment while on stage and it shows. Moonfall makes catchy pop-rock songs, incorporating synths, fast guitars, and rhythmic “Oohs” that will inevitably get stuck in your head.

The final supporting act of the tour was Big Tim Kellams. The Florida natives cranked up the party to an eleven. They were intense and fearless in setting the mood for the headliners. Frontman, Tim Kellams had announced how a few of the members were ill that night, but with the amount of effort they put into their set, nobody could have suspected it. The rock-and-roll/hip-hop fusion gained new fans that night for sure. The music has deep roots in hip-hop and is intertwined with rock-and-roll, using heavy drums and intense guitar riffs. Different, bold, and in-your-face.

Echo Black commanded the stage from the moment they walked on it. Both the band and fans were buzzing with excitement. The moment the first notes of their lead single Dawnrumbled through the sound system the crowd gleamed with joy. Frontman Danny Blu fed off the energy from the cramped pit and rocked an incredible performance throughout the whole set. Guitarist Felix Skiver and bassist Rob Gnarly were not to be left behind, constantly engaging the people and having a visibly great time being on stage. Drummer Billy Long surprised several in attendance with his musical versatility when he came forward with an acoustic guitar for a number between him and Danny Blu. Echo Black performed several tracks off their debut album including ‘Poison Apple,’ ‘Black Diamond,’ ‘Chemicals,’ ‘Teach Me,’ and peppered their solid setlist with some older tracks including ‘Perfect’ which was a collaboration with The Word Alive’s Telle Smith.

To learn more about Echo Black make sure to check out the links:
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