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Ex-Human, The Best Album of the Year

After going home with Reverbnation’s No. 1 “Best Alternative Rock Song” award in 2016, Italian born multi-instrumentalist Paul Pedana returned this March with his debut, self titled “existential rock” record, Ex-Human.

Alongside band members Denis Efimenko, Lef Germenlis, Eduardo Fajardo and Nitzan Ravhon, the 12 track release is the writers own commentary into human existence, Pedana said: “Ex-Human a deep introspection of the human being of nowadays. The world needs to re-invent the word “grotesque” cause in 2017 this term doesn’t means much more than what reality really is. This album is a deep critic to the new high tech slavery era which affects almost everyone in the planet and destroys every kind of human will, starting from childhood anesthesia to the sad acceptance of the vortex of dehumanization.”

“All These Rubbles” is the listeners first introduction to the album; electronic sounds layer over melodic guitars and linger amongst a strong drum beat in the centre before breaking out into a heavier tone. It is clear to see that Pedana has written for film soundtracks in the past, with clear emotion shimmering through in his vocals; high-pitched tones rise and fall into the ups and downs of each track, only to become the leading part in track two, “Psyborg”.

Despite a number of aspects that seem to be pulled from every genre, there is no argument that Pedana’s record is one of the first to break the boundaries between alternative rock and a “gothic” sound in this way. Where tracks like “All These Rubbles” adopts a rough around the edges, ever-changing energy, “The Hummingbird” (track 3) comes off more modest, with a sole piano accompanied by the 30 year old’s vocals showcasing pure talent and personal reflection at its core. Remaining independent to a record label, we are all very excited to see what Paul Pedana does next, with record distribution reaching London and Birmingham as well as across the United States, it is clear that he has not forgotten about fans across the water.

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