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Brain Salt – Cleanin’ Up EP

New York electric rock n rollers, Brain Salt, released their first EP, Crowds, back in early 2016, and are now about to release their second EP, Cleanin’ Up – so how does this fair after over a year since last hearing from these guys. Not bad it turns out.

Firstly, with ‘Necessary Technique’, it delivers an interesting introduction, setting the tone of the whole EP, with a very good riff, and unique vocals, giving off an early rock sound, which is always great to hear, showing how unique the band’s sound is, and giving a great introduction to it all. Second is ‘Freak Out’, which has a more jazz-like sound, with a vibrant electric touch and simple yet intriguing lyrics, but does slightly sound a little like a lounge band. If that’s their intention, then that’s fine, but it’s something to be wary of. Next is ‘They’re Waiting’, a really good instrumental track, great work from the guitars with the different riffs featured in it, as well as working well with the keyboard to give a lush, relaxing 70’s vibe. Finally is the title track, ‘Cleanin’ Up’, which has both a great soul feel at the start of the song, and also a great rock ‘n’ roll vibe that kicks in after that, making the track fun and energetic, as well as creative lyrics working well with the instrumentation.

Overall, it’s a step in the right direction for the New York quartet, but there is still a lot of room for improvement for the band. Considering that this is their second EP, it shows that there is a lot of potential for them and their music, and there can only be great things coming their way soon. One to watch out for, and this EP is one to listen to.


Cleanin’ Up EP is OUT NOW!







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