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ROSE TIGER releases his new EP ‘From Top To Bottom’

ROSE TIGER is the brainchild of French artist Wendy Killmann, a young man who dreams of a parallel world where humans coexist with dinosaurs and whose musical taste is inspired by 80’s British new-wave (Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode), 90’s video games (Final Fantasy VII, Pokémon Blue) and favourite Manga theme music from his childhood (Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing).

We really like the 90’s retro vibe this EP gives us. It is well produced, yet not too polished. Which makes the whole thing very interesting. ROSE TIGER has really outdone himself with this one.

His first EP/Comic titled ‘From Top To Bottom’ was released November 17th along with an 8-page comic book by famous Instagram artist Sibylline Meynet. Sibylline Meynet : https://www.instagram.com/sibylline_m

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