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Morten Pauslen – Restless Nights Video Release

Morten Paulsen is a Norwegian country artist from Trondheim, Norway with several years behind him in the recording industry as an artist both in Norway and in the US. In 1999 Paulsen was nominated for five awards in The Oktober Nashville Awards where he received the honour “Top European Artist in the United States Market”. He has featured on a number of concerts all over the world and he´s music has been listed on radio both in Norway, Australia and the US. Now he is returning to his roots and revisited the studio that produced his first album with the producer Jarl Ivar Andresen. Andresen himself has worked on a lot of successful releases either as a instrumentalists or producer including Maria Carey. The first track for his new project is called Restless Nights and Lars Skaland is the director of the Music Video.

The video describes the story of the song. It´s about a homeless person who walls in love with a rich woman. She loses her purse while walking past him and as he picks it up in order to return it to her he fantasises about a world where she takes him with him to a new life as a couple in a world filled with luxuries.


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