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Lauren Waller Comes Alive with New EP, “No Names Here”

Singer-songwriter Lauren Waller has released her second EP No Names Here, a collection of infectious and uniquely written pop songs. Waller, having a background in musical theater, and a degree to show it as a recent Pepperdine grad, showcases her powerhouse vocals and captivating lyricism throughout this 5- song EP. Waller begins the EP with “Secret Garden”, which is a dark pop piece wrapped with soulful vocals. It tells the tale of a dark love story, weaving in invigorating riffs and a catchy chorus. She then shows versatility with a softer, more playful piece “Maybe,” which describes the self-reflection dialogue one has internally about a relationship. Her voice is light-hearted and easy to listen to. She then wraps up the EP with pop-electric song “Down,” which, describes all lover’s fears of being left when they are at their lowest. Waller has truly unleashed a catchy EP with songs that don’t disappoint, and they to won’t stop playing over and over again in your head, which we think is a great thing.

Check out the lead single “What If”

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