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Yoke Lore Debut New Music Video for “Goodpain”

The opening track and namesake off Yoke Lore’s 2017 Goodpain EP from ILA / Yell House Records already has a surrealist edge, but throw in virtual reality and you’ll enter a completely different frame of mind.

Adrian Galvin — the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter behind Yoke Lore — has been building up a solid reputation for anthemic indie tracks, and he’s matching that ambitiousness with a time-bending love story for the modern technological age in the video for “Goodpain.”

Today, Yoke Lore debuted a time bending love story for the modern age, with the visuals for the title track of his Goodpain EP. Explaining the story behind the video, he says, “The video finds a man reliving an old memory through a VR headset. He relives meeting a girl, falling in love, and then, losing her. His present is a broken one, so he departs his squalor by visiting his past. He escapes the current grime by changing that past. He is able to rewrite his own history. By altering the memory, he alters the present, and he finds youth and movement; he dances in his refreshed purity. Vitalized by reclaiming love and agency, we leave him hopeful.”

“Goodpain’ is about needing to go through necessary periods of difficulty or struggle in order to get to the good part of anything,” Galvin tells Billboard. “By altering the memory, [the main character] alters the present, and he finds youth and movement; he dances in his refreshed purity.”

If the spontaneous dance seems like something that could only be conjured up in a post-VR stupor, it’s actually one of the most true-to-life moments in the video for Galvin, who is a co-founder of the modern dance company Boomerang in Brooklyn. Despite the older counterpart stealing the spotlight during the video’s climax, it stands as proof that “Goodpain” can give anyone the right moves.


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