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Interview: Jessica Hannan

Country/Rock Artist Jessica Hannan recently released the official music video for her single, “Girls Night Out,” off of her 2016 album Drive. We got to sit down with the Southern crooner to discuss the new video as well as her philosophy, methods, and interaction with her music.

Do you feel music in general has rules or more like guidelines?

I do and I don’t. Music is about expression and freedom. However to make it in a genre specific career like Country you do have to appeal to demographic and audience and also go where the market is. It’s a catch 22, but worth it.

Talk about the production on your music. Do you have a process that you rely on?

I do have a process. Everyone approaches the path to stardom differently I suppose. This is my process and I hope, obviously, that it works, but who is to know really the right path? As long as we all get to our goals in the end, it doesn’t really matter how you got there. For me the process of recording, producing, releasing and shooting a video has been working well. I am on to the beginning stages of the next process and going to be doing it all over again!

Your approach to “Girls Night Out:” what were some of the most haves when you took the music/lyrics and applied film to it?

I had to act out the story line to getting stood up. The lyrics state “He said he’d call, but my phone ain’t ringing”. Implying she gets stood up. Then to turn it into a girls night, almost like a screw it we don’t need men! HA!

How important is it to you have the song translate literally to a video picture? Are you open to artistic story telling in videos? Do you have a preference?

I wanted the story of the video to match the song. I have watched so many music videos that don’t line up with the song and I always ask myself what the heck did that have to do with the song! So I wanted it to be a story line. I am open to a video telling a story and lining up with the song. A song should tell a story within itself, but then to see in picture is even cooler.

Studio time is important, but how much of the process do you all put in prior to entering a studio?

The process is obviously much greater for me than my guys because I handle all the studio booking, and picking of songs etc and then the mastering of the cd/ep when complete and then work on distribution and all that fun stuff! But the prep before entering is even greater, you have to pick the songs you’d like to record and make sure all copyrights are in place etc before you can record.

Sharing with new bands words of wisdom can be so valuable. As a band when it comes to the practicing side together how many hours a month does the band put it together?

How many hours do you invest personally Jessica. Oh this is a good question! So practice with the band equals about 20 hrs a month. My own hrs for what I invest in my career as far as booking, marketing, managing and practicing and everything in between is about 100 hrs a month. Now gigging out as in shows equals to 64-72 hrs a month. Mind you I also work 45 hrs a week at a day job as a nurse! So I do all this while also being a nurse and taking care of people’s lives. It’s pretty intense and stressful, but worth it.

Does the band have a particular philosophy/Motto?

Hmm… no we don’t! I guess it would be “Get er done”. LOL!Remove featured image

You get to pen your bio Jessica… what is it you wanted the world to know about you and your music?

I’m just a small town girl with a big voice trying to do the impossible. I may not have all the money in the world, but I have a big heart and a lot to say! I hope my music inspires people. I hope it tells a story and makes people experience something, whether it be that they relate or get touched by the song.

We all have our ‘crush’ bands. Bands that we love, but other people might not believe we could. Who are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood all the way!

When was the last time you figuratively put your foot in your mouth? How were you able to recover?

This is so bad of me, but one time a venue kept trying to book us, but they wouldn’t hardly pay any money to have us play. I am the type that makes sure my guys get paid what they deserve and so I won’t book a venue just to book it. It has to pay, well we were at this particular venue watching and supporting another band. I did not know it was the owner, but this person approached me and said “When are we going to get you in here”. I replied “When they actually pay us”. Ouch-insert foot in mouth now! LOL I did recover. I sincerely apologized and it did wake me up that you must always be careful of your words! True life moment.

Spotify is loved and detested at times by musicians and bands. How have you used it and overall what have you found to be its greatest asset?

I’ve haven’t had any issues with Spotify. It costs money to get all your music distributed. It’s very accessible to fans and that is great. We live in a now world so having things instant is great!

What if anything would you say you have learned the most about yourself or selves through your own music?

Expression and the ability to allow myself to feel. It’s when we actually allow ourselves to feel that we produce the music and lyrics. It’s such an amazing process.

You get to have an audience of fans undivided attention for ten minutes. What would you tell them or sing to them?

I’d tell them no matter how hard something seems to obtain, or how insane, if it’s what you want out of your life go for it! Life is so short. We get once chance. You don’t get a do-over when your times up. Do it right and do it the way you want your life to be. Only you control it and only you can change it and at the end of the day all you really have to account for yourself is you.

What can your fans expect next as far as new music, videos and possibly touring?

New Jessica Hannan music will be hitting airwaves by Feb-March of 2018 and a new music video will also follow! Lots happening! We have a full tour schedule that is available on our website at www.jessicahannan.com check it out and come see me!

Experience Jessica Hannan Live:
09/16 @ Dusty Armadillo – Rootstown, OH
09/21 @ Dietz’s Landing – Akron, OH
09/23 @ The Rocking Horse Saloon – Sandusky, Oh
09/29 @ Galion Oktoberfest – Galion, OH
09/30 @ The BackRoom – Mansfield, OH

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