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Sevendust Front-man Lajon Releases Solo Track “Love Song”

Lajon Witherspoon, singer of heavy metal band Sevendust, has been a driving force in the metal scene for years. Though one of the most underrated vocalists, he continues to release music that speaks true to him and his band mates. There’s no difference in “Love Song,” a solo track released September 4th that sheds light on recent events in the world today. While the track is softer and more soulful that what is produced with the band, there are still rock roots as the light, electrifying background riffs lift up Witherspoon’s strong vocals.

“Love Song” can be found on most music outlets, and if the track resonates with you, don’t forget to purchase. Does this mean we can expect more solo work from Witherspoon? Only time will tell.

To purchase “Love Song”: iTunes | Spotify

To stay connected with Lajon Witherspoon: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Sevendust Website



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