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Interview: Saint Mesa

Saint Mesa releases the single “Lion” today, and to celebrate I talked with the man behind the music, to talk about everything from how film scores influence his work, fighting through adversity, and Star Wars.

  1. You’ve said you always wanted to score films. What is your favorite score?

My favorite score would have to be either Star Wars Episode 3 by John Williams, or The Dark Knight by Hans Zimmer.

2. You’re new single “Lion” is described as a “cinematically approached ballad.” How do the movies influence your music?

I think in a lot of ways my sound is influenced by movie scores. I love the swells and changing emotions in scores. Also all the musical modulations and returning motifs can be really important in making a record.

3.You are a self taught instrumentalist. What is your favorite instrument to play and why?

My favorite instrument to play would probably be piano. The options and combinations between rhythms, dynamics, melodies and chords are endless

4.What is “Lion” about?

“Lion” is about the internal struggle of fighting and dominating your inner demons.

5. How does “Lion” compare with your previous releases?

“Lion” fits in the same world tonally and lyrically as songs like “Maderas” and “Beads,” but sits alone in the cinematic and dramatic feel.

6. You were diagnosed with a rare disease and received three years of treatment. Music seems to have helped you cope during that time. Can you discuss what your headspace was like during those years and how it pushed you towards creating music?

Being sick completely changed my outlook on life, and what I defined as important. Being so sick for so long was overwhelming, tiring, and depressing. Losing your will to live is really rock bottom. Coming out of that sickness I had to rebuild what my priorities were, and take the second chance at life and seriously pursue what I believe I’m made to do – spreading love and truth through music.

7. You are of Chilean descent. Does that play a part in your music at all?

I feel a deep connection to my Chilean heritage. When I was really sick, my mom and I traveled to Chile for a surgery and spend almost two months there. I fell in love with the culture and people. I would love to spend some time living and writing there.

8. You also make your own jewelry. How did that come about?

I just really enjoy making things with my hands. Painting was my medium before music. So making something I can wear that’s custom and personal is very much an expression of myself. I’m actually working on opening an online boutique shop to sell my hand made jewelry, merch and stuff.

9. Your music has been featured in ads for H&M and Puma. How surreal of an experience was that for you?

Really, really cool…Having songs in commercials is always a really interesting thing. The first time I was one of my songs on TV was really weird.

10. What would you like to tell your fans that they might not already know about you?

Hmmm I once camped out for Star Wars for 14 hours. I brought a super smash bros setup and play with random people until we could go into see the movie.

Check out the single below:

Watch the lyric video for “Beads”

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