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Genre Confusion Never Sounded So Good as Norway’s WAC

WAC (short for We Are Castor) is a sometimes 4 piece band but mostly Norwegian electronic music producer who VERY aptly describes him/themselves as ‘genre-confused.’ What does that mean? It means a MASSIVE 20 track DOEP LP with tracks falling everywhere but country, though there is a glimpse or two of folkish influences. It’s hard to pinpoint any single theme here except a complete lack of linearity; some might consider that a weakness, but it’s a definite advantage here. Another consistency is production quality; spanning Indie Rock and Pop to Hip Hop and EDM, what ties them all together is an unexpected fullness that belies any sense of it being predominately formed electronically. Variously filled with bouncy synths, driving guitars, funky basslines, effervescent melodies, and soaring vocals, DOEP is a little bit of everything, and everyone SHOULD be able to find at least one track to fall in love with.

FYI: we’re LOVING “Mojave,” “Tortoise (feat. Valaria),” and “Fuck”!

Click HERE to Download ‘DOEP’ Online

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