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EP Review. The Color Wild: Clean

The up-and-coming, indie-pop quartet, The Color Wild debuted on August 25th their anticipated, electrifying, and exciting EP, Clean. Each one of the six songs are consistently overflowed with intense energy, passionate synth keyboards, and pop melodies to equal a thrilling EP that is extremely hard not to dance to. For fans of Smallpools, Colony House, and Vinyl Theatre, The Color Wild is right up their alley.

This four-piece band consists of the California natives and brothers, Jesse Crosson on keys, guitars, vocals, Kyle Crosson on vocals, Jaden Crosson on drums, and Josh Hansen on lead guitar. Their debut EP begins with the titled track “Clean”, which comes in quickly with a zestful synth keyboard and upbeat percussion. Starting the EP with this track gives a perfect taste of what’s to come later on the tracklist and an accurate taste of The Color Wild’s sound as a whole.  Track two is their newest single, “Wild Things” that has a new music video along with it. Regarding “Wild Things”, the band shares their own perspective on the song by stating “At times, the world can be a place full of divide, disagreement, conflict, and pain. We believe that the world needs a little change of pace, maybe just a little more love to bring us back together.” 

Later on the EP comes the track “Brighter Than the Moon”, which brings in a colorful pop melody consistent through the song while being surrounded by passionate synth-pop instrumentals. The lyrics on this track especially jump out and stick in my head more than anything else on Clean, with lyrics such as “Open up my heart and fill it up with you, Forget the stars you’re brighter than the moon”. Moving on to the jazzy and rhythmic instrumentation’s in the beginning of “She Said” that brings in a different style than tracks previously.  Ending The Color Wild’s EP with the last two tracks “Somebody’s Daughter” and “Saw Her” with each having a similar pop style and lively melodies.

Regarding this EP as a whole, Jesse Crosson shares, “Making Clean was a process of finding our identity as a band and figuring out how we want our storytelling voice to sound. From the start of songwriting to the time we spent in the studio with Erik Ron, we really put time and effort into finding a way to balance sharing a wide variety of emotions with the goal of making people move. That really is the main message of the whole EP- no matter what feeling you’re experiencing at any given moment, it’s possible to find a reason to dance.”


Altogether, Clean pulls out as a solid debut EP for The Color Wild to attract first-time listeners and long-time fans for them both to equally enjoy these lively tracks. Listening to each second of this EP definitely brought similar vibes as a Smallpools album, which has that same indie-pop electrifying tunes as clearly The Color Wild is aiming to project. These California natives certainly delivered and captured a colorful ode to youth, love, and the spirit of a life without limits on their debut EP, Clean. 



Compositions - 80%
Brekaing Ground - 78%
Engagement - 80%
Lyrical Voice - 87%
Production - 84%


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