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Singer-songwriter Skyler Releases New Single “Carnival”

LA-based singer-songwriter Skyler partnered with American Idol alumni MacKenzie Bourg for a sweet, nostalgic ballad “Carnival.” The track has been named the lead single off of Skyler’s upcoming EP, which is to be announced for a release later this year! Check out the single below:

Skyler dished on BreatheHeavy the inspiration for “Carnival.” ““As a child I’d always go to the carnival in my hometown and I loved seeing all the happy couples, with guys winning teddy bears for their girlfriends, giving them their jackets when they were cold, seeing them holding hands on the ferris wheel, etc. I couldn’t wait to grow up and experience all of those things since I’ve always been a bit of a hopeless romantic, which is the main inspiration behind “Carnival.””

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