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Newly emerging HipHop artist J Breez releases his single L.O.V.E

The newly emerging rap/hiphop artist J Breez, releases his new hip hop song entitled “L.O.V.E”. This newly released single is composed of that old hip hop sound, with a fresh new style and flow, and lyrics that are deeply embedded within the melody and samples. When asked to describe this his new release, J Breez had this to say:

“This song is about an old relationship I went through. You know, it was one of those, everything’s great in the beginning, but then somehow ends up just falling apart over time. I had plenty of substance to express all the bad times, situations, and emotions, but instead I chose to express the side unseen. The side where it did work out, how it would’ve worked out, and the thought of what I felt love could of been. There’s millions of people who have been through relationships such as this… I just write what I feel in hopes that it might help some one in the world that can relate”.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & More: https://goo.gl/EnNA8N

Produced by Omito
Engineered by J Breez


@2017 BlindBoy Records

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