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Former Selena Gomez Backup Singer Lindsey Harper Releases Stunning ‘New Game’ EP

Lindsey Harper, musical songstress, has come a long way from singing alongside artists such as Selena Gomez and Michael Buble. She is now taking a huge leap in her musical career by going solo, and her new EP “New Game”, shows off her bold vocals and sweet sound, proving that she’ll be able to stand on her own!

“New Game” kicks things off with the title track, setting the stage for a playful yet sultry vibe. Harper doesn’t embrace your average pop sound, instead choosing to add her own twists by keeping the music bare and organic.

“Love in All the Right Places” which has a laid back, acoustic vibe, creating a beautifully organic sound with clean guitar work and stunning vocals. Another standout is “We Are All The Same”, which incorporates piano, guitar, and mesmerizing vocals to produce a darker, soulful ballad with beautiful harmonies. She closes the EP with the up-beat “It Was Worth It” that showcases her powerhouse range.

We can’t wait to see what else Harper will release in the future, but for now you can stream New Game on SoundCloud and Spotify for your listening pleasure!


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