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Hard Rock Trio Floodlore’s Second Album: When It Was Forged Chapter One

Floodlore, a Washington DC area Stoner Rock Trio, is releasing their next full length album in five individual chapters. In June of 2017 they released Chapter One of the next project called When It Was Forged. This work is a concept album following the life of a boy who is designed in utero to achieve greatness dictated by his father. The album kicks off with the birth of the protagonist from the perspective of his father as he professes his idea for a perfect son, “Mother’s Pain”. Song two, “Maybe Dead” kicks in heavily right after with a sludging riff and spacey bridge. After a short interlude “Cyber Punk” slips you into a progressive jam foreshadowing the war between two countries. Wrapping up the first chapter is “Your Ways”, a heavy dynamic change and prophetic monologue from the protagonist give insight into the clash of genetically designed goals and societal changes that conflict the boy. Overall, When It Was Forged Chapter One shows off artistic range and creativity in a way that can capture any listener.

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