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Aphrose Debuts Soulful “The Middle”

Toronto R&B songstress Aphrose released new single “The Middle” earlier this month ahead of her debut EP due out this fall. A lifetime of musical training and years of professional experience as a backup vocalist for established Canadian acts have prepared Aphrose to unveil this new artistic phase of her career. Following a six-year hiatus focused on self-discovery, the talented vocalist has returned with a track well worth the wait.

The soulful, emotionally raw track is beautifully simple. A slow groove, atmospheric synth, and light backing harmony allow Aphrose’s powerful croon to shimmer and dominate the song. Borne out of the frustration of a stagnant long-term relationship, the lyrics echo universal emotions of exasperation and hopelessness (“So what are we gonna do/’cause it’s so hard to fix what has been broken”). Aphrose explains: “I felt like [my partner] was drifting emotionally and I needed him to figuratively “meet me halfway, in the middle” so that we could start to heal.” The deeply personal inspiration makes for a refreshingly authentic single.

Check out the new track here:


“The Middle” is available here: Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud.

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