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New and upcoming artist from Sweden, His story Lemar Jaily.

I am from a small town in Sweden called Lulea. I love to make music. I am singer/songwriter/producer. I compose and create complete projects, packages, songs. I do it all from the comfort of my home so far. I also make my own lyric videos and cover art and so on. I started when i was 16 years old and got a lot of negative feedback which in that moment put me down a lot but i kept going despite of that and learned how to play guitar, rap, sing and produce. You can learn everything, it’s all around you. I did why couldn’t you? When i was 13-15 years old i didn’t even know how to keep a pace. And now i make whole projects even that to me is amazing. How much you can learn if you just give yourself some time and credit for the effort you’re making and not putting too much pressure on yourself. In short I would describe myself as an artist and musician from head to toe.

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