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Milton Brasson aka “Explosive” is a rap artist hailing from Chicago, Illinois.



Growing up in the Robert Taylor projects has been a huge influence for Explosive’s raw and gritty musical style, as he bravely explores the violence, crime and conflict that colored his life there during the 80’s and 90’s. Explosive’s music style is to put it simply, explosive.

Explosive has created an array of incredible tracks that are fearless in their portrayal of gang life and the experience of being in a correctional facility. His songs are also characteristically distinctive with lyrics that preach about what it means to be true to yourself and where you come from. Spending over seven years in jail, Explosive has a lot to say about his experience and in songs like ‘Who I Is’ he takes a punchy and dark look at his experiences up until now.

Explosive is a fascinating and dynamic performer who is a thrill to listen to!

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