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EP Review: Night Argent – The Fear

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Following their previous single release “Nothing More Beautiful”, quartet Night Argent have released their anticipated sophomore EP The Fear. Reigning from Washington, the band has grown a fan base while touring and teaming with Outerloop Records. The band consists of Chase Manhattan as frontman, Shane Santanna on keys, Evan Taylor on bass, and Zac Burrell on drums. Night Argent delivers a cinematic style that displays their creative palette and stays consistent, allowing the tracks to flow right in line.

The first track “Mannequin” begins with a relaxing intro full of beautiful guitar tones. The weird noises and voices in the background threw me off guard, but I was quickly brought back with frontman Chase Manhattan’s sultry, warm vocals. It almost feels like you’re swimming in a dream of someone who’s lying awake at night, tearing himself apart. The song actually makes you want to freeze like a mannequin with the lyrics “it’s got me panicking / I don’t know where to go.” It’s almost like a plea that just makes you want to reach out and help him.

“Dreamcatcher” is the first single off the EP, which is a well-rounded song with suspenseful build up. The simple beat is mastered greatly against the grungy guitar riffs that pop in and out, which are completely unexpected but pleasing nonetheless. The marching drums at the end are also a nice touch. They dropped a new video for “Dreamcatcher” today, which can be seen below.

The next track would make a perfect summer song, and I imagine the quartet sitting around a campfire jamming to this composition. “Heartbeat” is an upbeat tune that shares both elements of today’s electronic rock and 80’s alternative rock. The lyrics may be a little bland and on the repetitive side, but maybe that’s what makes it so damn catchy.

Echoing hollow drums fill the air for “The Fear”. Manhattan’s voice is so much sweeter during this track, though the tempo may seem oddly timed at first. The song fills me with courage, hope, and ambition. “We’ll just keep looking higher / Keep climbing up / Find strength of every beat / And when we’re standing tall / Come and judge me then / We’ll know we gave it our all.”

Haunting “Immortalized” is a ballad composed of slick guitar licks that compliment the piano keys. “I know I can’t get what we had in life / But you’re right here with me, forever” The bridge breaks down to solely the piano, tugging at your heartstrings before building up to a choir that will take you to church. “The hand I used to hold now holds up my heart to free my soul.” By the end of this track, you’ll feel rejuvenated and like you can truly conquer any challenge, heartbreak, etc.

The final piece has to be my favorite of them all, but I’m a sucker for songs that hit you right in the feels and/or make you swoon. Envision floating in water while staring up at the glistening stars in the night sky. The subtle ocean waves against the soft guitars set the intimate mood of this serenade. “Count back through all the years and take me away from here.” Close your eyes while listening to the track, and it will take you on a journey through this ocean dream. “Our bodies grow faster than we ever do / For all that we’ve left in the wake of our youth / Please just remember I can’t forget you.” I can just imagine the live version of this being an epic tearjerker. This is a perfect melodic piece that is filled with passion throughout the entire song.

If you’re a fan of OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, Framing Hanley, or any artist similar to any of these, I believe you’ll absolutely love this EP. Actually, do yourself a favor and check out The Fear regardless. You will be able to watch their release celebration show tonight with details to come via their Facebook page.

The Fear is now available on most music platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon

Compositions - 9
Breaking Ground - 9.5
Engagement - 8.5
Lyrical Voice - 8.5
Production - 9.5


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