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Your New Summer beats from PERSONEINVACANZE

Calvin, 26 years old songwriter from Indonesia is a passionate musician who doesn’t like to be limited to one genre. That’s why one day you can listen to his electro song and the second day he comes out with a brand new R’n’B track. Calvin started with music in 2009, but this time he comes with his biggest hit so far called “+62”

+62 is the phone code of Indonesia which is the homeland of the author.

The song reminds us that there are so many things around to be happyabout and that we should be grateful for the time we spend with our family, friends and the loved ones. Time flies and we never stop to enjoy the beauty of the moments and what is worse, we don’t even realize this beauty. +62 puts us into a mood in which we want to stop the time and enjoy everything we are going through right now.


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