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Portal by Keith Cheatham “Mission to Mars”

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars. Thank you for your support.”
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I use to Dj back in the day. I was also a break dancer. took an interest in music instruments like the keyboard since I was a kid. I can’t read music, But I do have the gift of hearing music. A gift God gave me.I am a music producer, I produce and engineer my own tracks. I can produce all types of music R&B,Hip Hop, Deep house lounge and Jazz. I enjoyed a large portion of my life serving in the US Navy and US Army,So I have travel the world and learned a lot about music. I currently live in Las Vegas. Born and raised in Louisville,Ky. I Grow up in some of the poorest neighborhoods. My mother was a single parent who raised 4 children by herself. Thank you MoMa.

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