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Scarlett Revolver unveils new track, “Bloodshot Eyes”

“Bloodshot Eyes” is 5 glorious minutes of guilt and self-loathing.The track was written in response to some very troubling thoughts, and was the result of engaging in some very questionable activities. It was partly inspired by many late night adventures in some of the shadier, sleazier parts of New York City.

Scarlett Revolver are a rock and roll band from Perth, Australia who are rising to power one outlandish, over-the-top album at a time. While attending high school, the future members of the band were on the run from a group of pissed off teachers, and decided to lay low in their school’s music room. To pass the time, they all picked up some instruments that were lying around (as they were already practiced musicians) and started jamming; and before long, they were skipping classes to play Rolling Stones covers, winning talent shows, and making their first record, which was made up of songs they had been writing individually since the ages of 14.

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