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New Alternative Rock music from San Diego’s Solar Kama Sutra!

If you are an alternative rock music fan, then you’re in for a surprise! The Solar Kama Sutra’s new track – “Dust Bowl Twisters” is an amazing alternative rock song. This alternative rock band formed by Jawn Napier is like no other band you’ve heard earlier. The San Diego Band has released their catchy heavy groove track – “Dust Bowl Twisters”. The track is relentless and uncompromising with a many hooks and a lengthy guitar riff. It is a new thing in the alternative rock genre that offers a staggeringly new side in this music genre.

If you like heavy beating drums, guitar riffs, synth sounds and bass – listen to “Dust Bowl Twisters”. This track by Solar Kama Sutra offers a boost to your mind and ears with delicious punches throughout the song. The song is all about maximization of the music that blends beautifully creating the most amazing beats. The song – “Dust Bowl Twisters” is a remarkable track of complicated mixes. Jawn Napier requests his fans to listen to this song loudly on a long drive with windows down. This song has a lingering effect on all its listeners and it stays with them long after they have heard it.

Solar Kama Sutra’s track – “Dust Bowl Twisters” is one of the influential tracks in the alternative music genres. In soundcloud, this track has been heard by many fans across the world and it is getting huge amount of plays, downloads, likes and comments. “Dust Bowl Twisters” by Solar Kama Sutra is gaining huge momentum worldwide. The musical instruments used in this song lend an amazing vibe to it. The artist Jawn Napier ensures all his fans would like the song “Dust Bowl Twisters” from his band, Solar Kama Sutra. If you are intrigued to know more, listen to this track on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and connect with the band on Facebook.

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