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Scartobe Galantae Flames

Scartobe Galantae Flames. Born Feb 23, 1983. Mr. Flames is African American, Cuban, and Italian. Originally from the east side of Cleveland, Ohio (Longwood) Mr. Flames currently live in Dayton, Ohio. Growing up was rough for Mr. Flames due to being apart of the typical struggle for an African American family, so he went to the streets in search for money. After learning the art of hustling it was not long before he started seeing the results he was promised. Understand it was not easy due to switching locations, but because Mr. Flames is so real with not only his self but the streets as well, the streets of Dayton, Ohio welcomed him with open arms. Though Dayton welcomed him, it was not easy. He was moved to Park Side, which was one of the toughest ghettos in town before the hood was foreclosed. It was as if he never left home Mr. Flames stated. As time progressed and Mr. Flames moved up in reputation as the local kingpin, he decided to pick up the microphone and give rapping a shot. After losing both parents, he came up with the name “Scartobe Galantae Flames.” It is a combination of dope boy and kingpin influences in his life along with his heritage background, which is Cuban and Italian.

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