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Andrew Mancilla’s Subtractive Color

Andrew Mancilla is known for blending a heady mix of pheromones, cocktails, and infectious beats that envelope you in a dance club. His soulful falsetto leads the charge through a fantasyland. Sharing his latest single “Rewire,” he springs to life.

A pre-fame Lady Gaga was a creative catalyst for Andrew. Despite showing promise early on as an adept multi-instrumentalist, versatile and competent on trumpet, baritone sax, piano, and guitar, he lacked focus and discipline. The pair casually worked together while attending NYU.

His new record Subtractive Color, combines elements of sleek R&B (As noted in “Rewire”) to slow jams, guest appearances and a dash of pop. Andrew Mancilla is ready to take over Summer with the captivating release, and we are eager to hear more!

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