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New Release From Philadelphia Unsigned Talent

E-ThaBoss is an hip-hop artist who resides in Philadelphia. He was born in civil war torn Liberia in West Africa, He moved to the U.S in 2000, always loved music and the hip-hop culture therefore, he began writing and recording music. E-ThaBoss style is very unique and authentic he brings raw undeniable talent and style with a unique ability to his mix in his street-smart attitude. In this day and age of hip-hop with everyone sounding the same, E-ThaBoss takes pride in being different and delivering great lyrical content and substance, his song making ability, and creativity is second to none. E-ThaBoss is definitely someone to keep an eye out for. His music is captivating and filled with passion he represents something bigger than music hes an artist that can change hip-hop in so many different ways.

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