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EP Review. Night Argent: The Fear

Night Argent’s new EP The Fear won’t be released until July 14th, but this reviewer is here to tell you that it is worth the wait. Comprised of six songs, the record is mostly consistent and flows well, but as with any album there are some standout tracks worth talking about.

“Heartbeat” starts off with a dreamy landscape and a sparse drumbeat for a few seconds before lead singer Chase Manhattan breaks into a rapid fire delivery on the verses. It feels current but there is also a 80s throwback element to the song at certain times and that is when the song really shines. “You’re enough for a lifetime,” Manhattan sings on these parts and one might wish the entire tune dug deeper into this sound. Still the song is well produced and has the potential to be a big hit for the band. It’s catchy and upbeat and certain tricks such as using an echoed effect on Manhattan’s voice is used for emphasis and makes the tune just a little more special. The type of song one would want to blast from the radio in the car, it’s impossible not to smile when it comes on.

Near the end of the album, Night Argent puts their best foot forward on “Immortalized.” This tune delves head first into an 80’s alternative sound and embraces it unabashedly. Evoking shades of Fitz and the Tantrums, Manhattan’s vocals are soulful and the most passionate you will find on the album. It’s full and whole with layered vocals and it all helps round out the track. The tempo changes quite a bit through the song but Night Argent knows how to balance that intended pace and sounding a bit more alternative than pop, “Immortalized” showcases the best of what the band can produce, while still sounding like a bona fide hit that hasn’t been unearthed yet. If you’re looking for one track to put on repeat, this up.

“Dream of the Ocean,” closes the EP and fully uses the name of the song to its advantage as it starts off with the calming sound of ocean waves. It’s a wistful ballad about remembering a simpler time when one is younger and it is sure to connect with many listeners. “Remember when we didn’t care that the world wasn’t fair and we knew we’d die young?” Manhattan sings and repeats the phrase “take me back” throughout the tune. The lyrics are so powerful, matched with Manhattan’s pure vocals, that this reviewer wouldn’t be surprised if some listeners shed some tears while listening to the track. It is unlike anything else on the EP and the change of music is greatly appreciated. Still sounding like Night Argent but with a slightly different vulnerable twist, it will make listeners appreciate the band and the record even more.

Go out and pick up a copy when July rolls around.

Compositions - 8.4
Brekaing Ground - 8.3
Engagement - 8.5
Lyrical Voice - 8.5
Production - 8.7


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