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Why VOD Is the Future of Cinema Industry


Video on demand (VOD) are essentially systems which permit users to choose and either watch or listen to audio or video or content like movies and TV shows whenever they prefer based on their convenience. It is increasing its popularity as you can watch movies at a precise broadcast time based on your suitability which was the widespread approach with over-the-air propagation throughout much of the 20th century.  It is obvious that it would be a great experience, going to the cinema and watching a new release as pastime, however there are situations where lying at home in front of a VOD movie does finds suitable to people.

This is an interactive multimedia system that operates like cable Television, but there is a difference in a manner that the customer are allowed to select a movie from a huge video database. It is known that majority of coming films releases will be based on concept of VOD, benefiting both cinema industry and viewers.


Advantages of VOD to Cinema Industry:

Though VOD is found advantageous in many areas like, providing video films on demand, local news and weather forecasting, games, music and pastime, for education and remote learning facilities, etc. but its greatest advantage is felt to cinema industry today.


The line of difference between the old world order and the recent VOD industry is getting hazy today. As moviegoers need things faster, as well as they expect more choice, the industry of cinema is getting greater revenue. Through theatrical windows estimated to abridge in the upcoming few years, and businesses watching to hold the out-dated model of theatre first, unit sales subsequently, few must certainly be freaking at the vision of this being twisted upside-down with audiences choosing for an overall-digital experience.

VOD is fundamentally a huge umbrella of a format, encompassing everything from online streaming platforms such as Amazon and Netflix, to the On Demand unit on your cable box. Due to this, films of cinema have greater chances of getting watched by audiences today. The format of this system has developed dramatically since years, not only in matter of users, but even in sections of reach and power. It is known that movies transits from theatres to home-viewing formats at much faster pace, grossing the revenue to cinema industry.


VOD performs good role in advertising, broadcasting companies attain the majority of revenue from advertisers. It is of no doubt that the VOD systems that are developing will still comprise advertisement of several kind mainly interactive giving returns to cinema industry.



VOD as future of Cinema Industry:

Through its several meanings, credentials, implications and values, the VOD approach for the filmmaker is growing. It is suggested that there is certainty in monetization or, at least, a regulation of the VOD market, cinema industry have to take what they can at face value in near future.

While dealing with VOD, producers of films in cinema industry might find it cooperative to use spread sheets to map how many portions they will gain in terms of the dollar after subtracting transactional platform fees and any distribution charges or expenses. Doing this will facilitate producers to budget more efficiently with regard to marketing expenses and delivery costs, particularly if the film producer targets to convey a third party distribution or social media counsellor to assist promote film. This will implement their potential revenues and incomes for the advantage of filmmakers and their stockholders.


For a movie that will accomplish majority of its business on VOD, it is presently achievable to appeal a smaller term, in the span of two to five year period. Essentially this is good news for film producers in cinema industry because, in a fast moving landscape, it provides them the opportunity to review their options at the completion of the term and persist with their present distribution partner or discover new opportunities. This will be of noticeable advantage for film producers of cinema that are expected to stay pertinent and extremely discoverable for a longer span. As the DVD market is declining, there is the prospect that cinema industry will be capable to substitute this lost revenue over longer span through income attained from digital platforms.


Apart from this, Video On Demand will let the digital customer stay stress-free of regional windowing of film releases as well as the over stress on blockbuster licenses. In general, it appears to be a helpful correlation amongst the number of theatrical release markets and the amount of VOD release markets that look to exist presently. This is essentially the link that would recommend that rather than facing off, they do help to create each other stronger. This implies that although complete cinematic releases appears to be more prevalent, there is rising healthy demand for VOD films in both the Europe as well as the US.

It is common that irrespective of the genre, audience will insist to sit down and indulge in a feature length film and distribution will appear to be healthy by cinemas and VOD facilities all over the world. Experts suggest that the cinema is still a thriving object, presenting several variety under single roof, however the consumption and distribution of VOD movies is developing. The manner things are going on currently, it’s not unimaginable to ponder that in few years, the balance may tip to apt the requirements of present self-rule hungry, tech savvy customer. These are thrilling times for the VOD sector and it will be fascinating to perceive how everything related gets unfolded in the near future.



Video on Demand is presently a significant characteristic of evolving interactive media technology which is ruling the information systems all over the world currently. It is definite that VOD systems will surely supplement a new meaning to the cinema industry and it will too transform several aspects of public media like advertising and programme making.  If cinema industry favours this system well, Video-on-Demand is about to become the imminent home entertainment system. However, it may not happen all of sudden like a storm, much work is presently in continuation and its positive results will be perceived within the next two years.


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