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Interview: In My Disguise

Ipswich hard rock quartet In My Disguise have broken into the music scene with a  bang thanks to their abrasive and energetic sound. In My Disguise combine elements of hard rock, classic rock, and metal to create a vintage rock aesthetic. The band has rapidly risen in popularity this past year, even performing at the Independent Venue Week Festival in Stowmarket. In this interview, the band discusses their experiences at the festival, as well as their debut EP Achromatic which is scheduled to release May 19th.

ME: Your debut EP Achromatic is set to release on May 19th. What can you tell us about this project?

IMD: The project has been a very busy one! [We’re] making sure that everything about the EP is exactly how we want it to be. It has also been a great learning experience for us. We have learned a lot about what sort of music we like to play and how we want to proceed in the future. We have really enjoyed recording Achromatic and we look forward to everyone being able to hear it.

ME: You’ve said that some of your influences include Biffy Clyro, Muse, and Audioslave. What is it about acts like these that inspire you to make music?

IMD: These acts all have a great sound, they are very versatile and able to play music from several different genres. In this way we feel we emulate this. We love to experiment with different sounds.

ME: Do you draw inspiration from any other artists?

IMD: Definitely. As individual band members we all are fans of different music styles. George likes rock and indie, Lee is more of a metal fan, Ollie listens to a lot of acoustic style music, and Jonny likes softer rock right through to metal. This means we constantly are influenced by different artists and sometimes different genres, combining all of those different characteristics to create something truly unique.

ME: You released the single “Hour Glass” back in April to give fans a taste for what to expect from the EP. Why did you choose this specific track as the EP’s first single?

IMD: “Hour Glass” is a great song to tease the EP. It is everything that In My Disguise is about. It has a massive riff, soaring vocals, and a real groove to it. Every time playing “Hour Glass” is an amazing hard rocking experience and that is what is to be expected for the EP.

ME: The band has a quintessential hard rock sound. What is your songwriting process like?

IMD: Our songwriting process can vary from song to song. For example, “Alive” was written when Lee was playing around with a riff on the guitar. The drums, bass, and vocals came quite naturally with that and it developed a natural structure. That kind of writing is the most fun, however individually we all write in our spare time which adds to the amount of material we create.

ME: Guitarist Lee Alexander stated that he wants the EP to make the band stand out and separate themselves from other acts. How do you go about creating this distinguished sound?

IMD: Our different styles of playing make IMD truly unique. Lee’s guitar is very much geared to riff-based metal music which tricks the listener into thinking they will be hearing a metal song. The bass and drums lock in together to create a groove under the guitar which softens the sound and Ollie our vocalist brings the package together with powerful rock vocals.

ME: Earlier this year the band was chosen to open the Independent Venue Week Festival in Stowmarket. What was this experience like?

IMD: It was an amazing experience to be asked to play the Independent Venue Week. It allowed us to begin to establish a bigger following and was a bigger event than the ones we were used to at the time. It was great to play to a bigger audience and prove that we are a force to be reckoned with.

ME: Do you hope to play at more festivals in the future?

IMD: We would definitely love to play more festivals. In fact, as of today we are playing Spring Fest in Woodbridge on [the] 26th [of] May and Saxfest in July. Next year we would love to increase the number we play.

ME: When the band isn’t in the studio, how do you spend your free time?

IMD: Most of our time is spent writing the next big IMD song and arranging/promoting the gigs we have coming up. We are also always on the lookout for bands to share the stage with. Part of the excitement of playing shows is to see what other bands are out there.

ME: After the EP drops, what are your plans for the future? Do you have any goals for what the band will accomplish?

IMD: We are really hoping to arrange a mini tour in the summer so [we] are on the lookout for venues to accommodate this. Also we are hard at work selecting the songs for EP number 2. No matter what the future holds it looks to be exciting for us and we guarantee there’s lots more to come from IMD!

You can find In My Disguise on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. You can check out the band’s website to order Achromatic.

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