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Pascoe Reveals ‘Lorelei’ Single

PASCOE is an artist from the isolated streets of Sydney’s day-dreamy suburbia, where small town gossip meets city seclusion. PASCOE is excited to announce the release of her debut single ‘Lorelei’, an introspective narrative of a ruined woman.

After finishing up her music degree, she decided to focus on developing her songwriting. The 22-year-old songstress has been collecting dark tales and crafting them into melodies, capturing an honesty for the mechanics of the human mind.

Seductive synth and thundering drums come together in this brooding marriage of folk and pop to support PASCOE’s sweet vocal as she tells the story of the forlorn siren Lorelei. During a storm driven blackout, she was moved to write about the seductress and the tragedies that befell her lovers.

Produced by Cameron Robertson and Joey Wenceslao of GLADES, the dark single tells the tale of a young woman torn apart by the collision of her public and private selves, how she is perceived by herself and others around her. Inspired by the portrayal of women in history and literature, PASCOE observed the intricacies of the relationships around her to construct her own modern take on the fable.

Let this stunning track transport you to the murky depths of the ocean and drown you in a salty reminiscence for poor lonely Lorelei.

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