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Interview: Joe Fox – “…if you keep music at the core of what you’re doing everything else is just extra.”

Joe Fox is a man that despite the complexities of life and its adversities, persevered and let his love for music guide him through it all. Music Existence had the opportunity to interview the English singer-songwriter via email and learned about his experiences, current plans and collaboration with A$AP Rocky. The two first met on a London street at 4AM when Fox unknowingly was trying to sell one of his CDs to the chart-topping rapper.

ME: Firstly congrats on the new video for ‘Aftershow’. What was the experience like while filming it?

Joe Fox: Great! The cast and crew were amazing and a nicely dedicated team. We got lucky with the weather too – no rain thank heavens!

ME: One of the lyrics that stood out to me was, ‘Never felt quite in the room, Every smile a new costume, I want to step outside’. Could you further expand on the inspiration behind this lyric? It seems to me that you felt a need to use an emotional mask or shield of sorts to get through the moment.

JF: I think we all have different masks we wear throughout the day. And how present we are moment to moment can depend on loads of different factors. A person can change how you feel.

ME: How would you describe your sound?

JF: Grungey melodic and soulful. I have no idea after that.

ME: Will there be a tour? If so, where to?

JF: Yes to the far-flung corners of the world. I’m excited to go as many places as possible!

ME: I read that you aren’t a fan of a lot of the modern music being made now, so who do you prefer to listen to?

JF: That’s true and not true. I love all music from all times. It’s just my favourite stuff is the oldies.

ME: Having had experienced a period of homelessness myself on two separate occasions, finding the silver lining in each day during that time can seem a bit daunting. How did you cope with your living situation on a day-to-day basis?

JF: Hmmm. You have to keep your wits about you and be good at adapting. I was good at finding places to stay, always important.

ME: What was the transition like for you from selling your music on the sidewalk to working with Hector Delgado and A$AP Rocky? How was the experience like working with them?

JF: The transition was surprisingly smooth. The funny thing is if you keep music at the core of what you’re doing everything else is just extra.

ME: What other musicians, if any, would you like to collaborate with?

JF: I’m very happy with how things are right now, but I’m open to collaborating.

ME: You have a very broad spectrum of life experiences, how would you say that has affected your musical style?

JF: There’s a broad mix of cultural influences for sure. I think someone’s songwriting tells you if they’ve lived.

ME: And lastly any shout outs?

JF: Everyone in the free world.

To learn more about Joe Fox make sure to check him out at the links below:

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