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Self-Produced Upcoming Hip-Hop/Metal Artist- ECHO THE SAVAGE

Echo The Savage wears many hats as a producer, singer, MC, stand up comic and founder of Brave and Fortune Music- a Portland based record label. With a love for hip-hop and heavy metal music, Echo The Savage intelligently blends the two genres together to create his own unique style of music that is sure to gain the attention of hip-hop and metal fans alike. Echo The Savage’s rap style is certainly his own- but this artist pays his homage to some of the great hip-hop and metal artists, such as; Tupac and Linkin Park. Born in the Philippines as the youngest man of 6 siblings, Echo The Savage’s deep love for music came at a young age and he began performing regularly in metal bands at the age of 14. After a few years of experience playing shows with various local metal acts, Echo decided to take his dedication to music to the next level, attending and graduating from Oregon Music Technology school with a degree in Audio Engineering. Shortly after his graduation, Echo began his record label, Brave and Fortune Music, where he has produced music for many artists as well as self-produced all of his own music- from the diverse vocals to the heavy guitar riffs and bass lines. An artist as dedicated to their craft as Echo The Savage is difficult to find. Listeners with a refined taste for hip-hop and/or metal will surely be blown away by this artist’s unique and eclectic style of music.

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