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Interview – REMARK

They say music has no boundaries or borders. It is because of that limitless reach that we get to experience a phenomenal band like REMARK. Since forming in 2009, this alternative rock band from Moscow, Russia has been working on finding their unique style and sound. Their debut self-titled album was released in January of 2016 and they have clearly found the recipe for success. REMARK took time to share a little more about their story – past, present, and future.

How did REMARK come about? Tell me your story.

We played together since 2009. We met at the University. Later we found Yanas, he joined the band and became the lead vocalist. Now, after several changes, we have four members:
Yanas – vocals
Den – guitar
Ivan – bass
Timi – drums.

Who are some of your musical inspirations and how/when were you exposed to that type of

Inspiration usually comes from the life experiences, or from some of the events and from the soul. But often it comes suddenly: just like that and it is important to apply it. Our musical preferences were formed in childhood; we are not exception. And the music line is a symbiosis of all of our thoughts and musical tastes, we all take part in the songwriting.

What has been the biggest challenge REMARK has faced so far and how have you overcome it?

This is when you think that your band is the coolest of all, but you haven’t already got the Grammy and concerts around the world. Actually you need to work hard, writing new songs, producing music videos and love the process.

“Falling” video = who is the gymnast in the video? He is phenomenal! How did that collaboration or concept come about?

This is our friend, he’s in a good shape, isn’t he?)) And also he’s a model and a good guy. The idea for this video came from discussions with the director of the video – Kuper Kukunchikov, he did everything very professionally and we were satisfied with the result.

“Vesna” – I can’t understand the lyrics but it still pulls an emotional reaction from me. Such a powerful song. What is the song about and where did the inspiration come from for that song?

By the way we have been thinking about to make an English version of this song. A song written by our vocalist at home in the kitchen for a long time ago and he just sang it with a guitar for his friends. We thought that we can make a very powerful and beautiful song with proper recording and arrangement.

What have you learned or how have you changed since your first album?

Our self-confidence is higher and higher, because of experience’s increase. Experience is useful thing =) We are confident that music is our life.

What can we expect from your next album?

New cool songs, first of all.

Will the songs mostly be in English or Russian or a mix?

We have only one Russian song, we like our sound in English, we grew up on the American bands, so our songs will be in English, too. Although we are doing something unusual in Russian.

Will there be any common themes or messages running through this next album?

We focus on the music and do not want to burden listeners of deep messages. Our songs are about our experiences, ups and downs, they are just honest at hundred percent.

Do you have any plans for a US tour any time soon?

We would love to go to the U.S. tour with well known bands, I think we can take their experience.

Give me three words that best describe what your live shows are like.

Honest. Energetic. Unforgettable.

What artists would you most like to tour with and why?

I think bands with similar style at first. If our dreams came true Alter bridge, Three Days Grace, and Stone Sour.

Thank you! I can’t wait to hear your new material! I’m definitely a new fan!


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Review by Cathy Moore.

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