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The mind-blowing BASSEAH makes genres meet visual arts

BASSEAH is an audio-visual artist standing out from the mainstream with his emphasis on rich, dazing soundscapes and distinct harmonic tendencies influenced by dramatic classical/film music, brought together in spectacular live shows involving custom psychedelic art visuals he mixes live simultaneously.

Mineral Rave EP
Mineral Rave EP

Taking a cinematic, almost prog metal turn on his latest single after a pulsing EP of bassy psychedelic goodness, his creative mind knows no limits and neither does his musical background. Basseah states that his inspirations lay among the glitch movement, the rise of dubstep, and ‘psychedelic’ genres, as much as his non-electronic musical upbringing, although his range of music can be tagged among Electronica, Trip hop, Psystep/Dubstep, Downtempo, Future Bass, Glitch, IDM, Bass House, Electro House, Dub-techno, Psybient, Neuro Bass, Industrial, experimental, and electro-acoustic. BASSEAH has been a one man project, self-managed since the beginning, and has released four singles and an EP only since March 2017. Witness the accelerating rise of this eccentric artist making his buzz in little corners of the world and internet, you’ll feel compelled to do so after a quick glance at his music or himself on stage.

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