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The Gin Pennies Pen Self-Titled Record, Out Now

I have always imagined artists going to some huge well and drawing out albums contrasting the same things. But then I am blessed with both the honor and pleasure of listening to the new amazing record from The Gin Pennies, their self-titled debut.


The first single “Film Noir,” is a poignant song in which The Gin Pennies guide the listener on a rollercoaster of melodic bliss. The lyrics coupled with vocalist Shannelle Lewis’ convincing tone paints a picture for the song. The instrumentation is classic infused gypsy-pop, and will live you breathless.


All of the songs on the record from the jaunty “Hypnotized” to the somber “She’s the Wind,” shows the array of talent within the arrangements. Much like the other tracks I had the pleasure of listening to, these certainly do not disappoint in the instrumentation department.


Lewis’ voice is beautifully crafted, her tone passionately controlled, and the pitch is perfect. It tells a story, draws a line, and has that certain “twang,” you can feel deep down in the soles of your feet.  If you’ve ever wondered about the beauty of where music is going, look no further as The Gin Pennies painting beautiful pictures of limitless possibility.


Give a listen to the record, here:


Gin Pennies Online:


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