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Exhausted Pipes – Feature

California trio Exhausted Pipes are taking the underground music scene by storm. Members Hunter Steers, David Mayman, and Andy Landgraf are known for creating catchy tunes that are all about fun. The band doesn’t take itself too seriously and one can hear that 100% on their new single “Whiskey, Weed, Women, and Cocaine.” The band used kickstarter to fund their upcoming album New Dust and if this latest single is any indication of what is to come from the LP it is bound to be a fun time.

“Whiskey, Weed, Women, and Cocaine” is a rollicking romp of a song that is carefree and highly addictive. The vocals are spot on from note one and the band showcases their storytelling chops with each line that is sung. It’s like a page from a country rock songbook has been ripped out and reimagined with tight harmonies and rowdy lyrics. The tune rolls along at a brisk pace and the chorus in which it is said “I want my women smelling like whiskey/I want my women smelling like weed” is so infectious it is begging for a sing along from fans. The slowed down ending which emphasizes the words in its title is pure genius and will leave listeners eager for more.

Check out the song here:


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