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ChuggaBoom Release “White Moms Can’t Chugg” Official Music Video

Comedic metalcore outfit, ChuggaBoom is back and trolling the internet trolls with a new single titled, “White Mom’s Can’t Chugg”. The single inspired by Reddit users, comes from their upcoming EP, Kevin and is set to release May 12th.

“This song is the Chuggalo Anthem. Anyone who has ever listened to heavy music has been told that its just a phase and to listen to “real music”, but we are here to tell them to fuck off and join the Chugg Life. Its a pledge to both our fans and ourselves that we are never going to sell out and that we will always stay true to what we are – The Greatest Metalcore Band on Earth. The Chuggalos believe in what we stand for, so we need to stay true to that and make sure we are standing in solidarity with them. We’re never selling out, no matter what our parents say!”

Coming onto the UK metal scene two years ago with their debut album Zodiac Arrest, the band has quickly made a name for themselves with their satire storyline and obvious chugging riffs.

“After the success of the “Mad Skills Brah!” single, we did what any sensible band would do, and invested the Spotify revenue into a high interest current account and used the money to pay for the materials needed to develop our skills outside of the band,” says bassist Avira Caprica.

Kevin comes out May 12th and is available to pre-order now. Watch “White Moms Can’t Chugg” below.

About ChuggaBoom:

It is a period of civil war. ChuggaBoom, striking under an alias on Reddit, have won their first victory against the evil Genre Elitists. During the battle, Chugg spies managed to steal secret plans to the Elitist’s ultimate gripe,

Metalcore, a classification of music expertly crafted with enough power to destroy an entire generation of keyboard warriors. Pursued by the Elitist’s sinister agents, Levi Taurus races home aboard his moped, custodian of the stolen riffs that can save his people and restore metalcore to the galaxy….

It has been a long 18 months since Zodiac Arrest arrived on planet earth to save metalcore from the scrutiny of the internet, and the call has been made that it needs saving again. Enter Kevin.

ChuggaBoom heard the prayers and Kevin is here to answer them. Fuelled only by merchandise sales and Spotify revenue, the band locked themselves away for almost seven hours to produce their Sistine Chapel, their Taj Mahal, their Membury Business Park. An Extended EP (for legal reasons) so profound it will re-define an already re-defined genre, forever.

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