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Brighton pop outfit Fickle Friends are set to release debut album in summer of 2017

Formed in the heart of Brighton, England, indie pop five-piece Fickle Friends have been building hype around the world over the past year.

After 2015’s Velvet EP, the band are set to release a full-length debut album in the summer of 2017, and released their newest single, “Hello Hello” this March, produced by Mike Crossey of The 1975 alongside other stand-alone tracks such as, “Swim”, “Brooklyn” and “Crybaby”, making it to the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists Charts and earning a double page spread in NME Magazine.

Between releasing three of their best indie hits in 2016 and travelling to Los Angeles to create what’s next to come, Fickle Friends have blown up UK blogs with girl-power perfection and an eye for the perfect lineup, even joining PVRIS‘ Europe tour this May. Their standout sound and unapologetic stage presence makes it impossible not to see them in the mainstream.

“Hello Hello” features their signature electronic elements alongside Natti Shiner’s unique, feminine vocals that are guaranteed to get anybody up on their feet, with a lingering element of empowerment laced throughout the track. After releasing the music video for the song at the beginning of this week, it is clear that the video accompaniment gives hints of a stronger message behind it, possibly a lack of creative freedom in an industry reaching for more control, and overall, Fickle Friends’ sound shows their determination to push past this.

The Brighton pop outfit are set for a heavy summer in the touring circuit, after being announced for festivals all over the world including Liverpool’s Sound City and Tinderbox Festival in Denmark alongside The Kooks and Catfish and The Bottlemen.

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