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Music video for Here We Are by \’mēk\

\’mēk\ is a progressive Space Rock band from Corona, CA, formed by Tye Zamora (formerly of Alien Ant Farm) with the help of brothers Joe and Dan Hill. Together they have perfected and
released a brand new concept album called
Red Sprite Lightning.

Their sound is an eclectic mix of sophisticated chord and tempo changes and still maintains
melodic and exciting songwriting. Listeners are taken on an audible journey through a broad
spectrum of genres that echoes bands like Pink Floyd, Pixies and U2 while adding a new age twist.

Tye Zamora’s lyrics tell the story of a man fleeing a dying Earth for a new home planet in deep space. As the album progresses the listener witnesses the psychological deterioration of a man leaving his home and family knowing that he will never return.

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