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Single Review. Ivan Beecroft: “Believe”


The single “Believe,” off of the upcoming album of the same name by Ivan Beecroft, is a perfect portrait of what a dynamic song sounds like.

There is a vast array of musical instruments featured here from the commanding percussion to the keyboards. The contrast in having a piano take a shining moment behind drums is a wonderful surprise that keeps the tune layered and interesting. Beecroft’s gravel – like rock voice cuts through the instrumentation making the track grittier and full of emotion. It has a lot going on but it is never overwhelming and there is a certain jangle that comes with the tune that makes it a bit of a toe tapper. Though rooted in 2017 “Believe” could easily be mistaken for something released 20 years ago. It has that retro feel to it, authentic and not forced, and it is part of what makes the track so special. Playful but serious at the same time in terms of lyrical content, Beecroft straddles the alternative/rock line with a bit of a pop sound that would fit in todays radio musical landscape. If this is any indication of Beecroft’s forthcoming album, listeners are in for a treat.




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