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Molly Burch Interview


Originally from Los Angeles, California Molly Burch, who now resides in Texas, has just released her debut LP Please Be Mine which is sure to remind listeners of songstresses and songwriting of the 60s. I recently had the chance to talk with Burch about her early career in jazz and her one day recording process for the album.

1. You grew up on old Hollywood Musicals. Did that influence your own music? If so, how?
– Growing up watching musicals and classic films definitely influenced my music. I’ve been drawn to women performers ever since I can remember; Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, Debbie Reynolds to name a few. Musicals are so heightened and powerful in the way that a singer delivers. And they are so romantic!

2. You initially started out as a jazz vocalist. What did you learn from your time studying that type of music?

– I gained a lot of experience performing during the time I attended college. I learned to conquer a lot of fears and became more comfortable with myself as a performer.

3. How did you connect with your album guitarist Dailey Toliver?

– We met in Asheville, NC at a grocery store. We started dating but then broke up. That’s when I moved to Austin. We got back together a year later and he moved to Austin and that’s when we started playing together. He’s the most amazing musician. He inspires me every day.

4. What motivated you to begin songwriting since you were so apprehensive at first?

– When I was younger I was really insecure and felt like I couldn’t even attempt song writing. I always just found my identity as a singer and hoped one day someone would write for me and somehow that would work out. As I got older and gained more self esteem I realized I couldn’t wait for someone to write for me, I needed to figure it out on my own.

5. You have cited The Everly Brothers and Sam Cooke as songwriting inspirations. What is it about their music that you are drawn to?
– I’m very drawn to catchy pop songs. I’ve been inspired by the harmonies and the soulfulness of both of those artists.

6. What was the experience of moving from California to Texas like?

-I spent a year in NY after LA and then four years in Asheville before moving to Texas. The move was hard since I was alone and going through a break up. However once I was able to acclimate and make friends and all that, I fell in love with the pace of Austin. I still love it.

7. You recorded most of the album in one day. Was the pressure to do that helpful and if so how?

– Yeah, I really liked recording in that way. I didn’t feel pressure but it definitely was a nice motivation. I was ready to have a finished album.

8. What do you hope listeners take away from the album?

– I hope listeners enjoy the songs and relate to them in a way I couldn’t imagine.

9. What did you take away from the whole writing to recording process of the album?

– Ah, everything! It’s been my world for the past couple of years. I feel I’ve gained a lot more confidence as a performer and songwriter and it’s more and more become my identity and that is a really cool feeling.

10. What is next for you?
I really want to focus on promoting this album and touring as much as possible! We’re finishing up this tour with Tim Darcy and the all of April we’ll be supporting Sallie Ford on tour and then Dailey Toliver and I will be heading to Europe to perform as a duo for a couple weeks in May / June.

Check out her debut album here:

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