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Single Review. Belle Vex: “Make it Good for Her.”


Belle Vex is back with his new single “Make it Good for Her,” a full out electronic dance song that has a bit of an alternative twist to it.

The first words to be heard on the track are “this is the part where you tear that heart off your sleeve.” It’s a commanding statement and also one that will grab listeners attention. While the tune isn’t exactly revolutionary when it comes to the rest of the lyrical content( “you gotta find out what her body is like underneath those clothes”) it is still worthy because of its melody and its infectious repeating chorus. The vocals have an alternative edge to them which make the song dynamic and add some much needed depth. But the electronic instrumentation certainly is in the forefront making it the type of tune one would hear at a dance club. Not every piece of art has to say something important, some songs are just good to groove to, and that is what Belle Vex delivers here.

Check out the video below:

Compositions - 8
Brekaing Ground - 7.5
Engagement - 8.4
Lyrical Voice - 7.3
Production - 8.3


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