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New Music Friday – March 10, 2017.

Introducing Fickle Friends, K.Flay, Mod Sun and many more; Here are some of my favourite new tracks released this week, just in time for your weekend.

K.Flay – “High Enough”

After releasing the Crush Me EP in August of 2016, fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats for a taste of Every Where is Some Where, announced to drop April 7. K.Flay is said to be working with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons to bring the album together after her great successes of the year before, touring with PVRIS, Mother Mother and Lights.

“High Enough” is K.Flay’s much loved hip-hop poetry combined with her usual themes of alcohol, drugs and intimate lyrics, with a clear difference from her first single from the release, “Black Wave”. This song ties together perfectly with her unique vocals, flowing into a softer melody into the last minute of the track before bringing us up again just in time to wonder what the rest of the album will bring.


Mod SunMovie

March 10 saw Minnesota hippy Mod Sun release Movie, a juxtaposition title with his pending film, titled Album.

The release features a collection of artists and friends such as Blackbear and gnash to create an overall signature sound of pristine yet careless vocals throughout, and has the potential to flow perfectly as the soundtrack a film.
Mod Sun introduces a storytelling atmosphere into the record from the beginning, from the early released single, “Beautiful Problem”; a mellow duet with unnatural, electronic sounds laced into the background, to “We Do This Shit”; an upbeat and happy track featuring more forward and ‘in your face’ vocals from the start.


Fickle Friends – “Hello Hello”
Alternative indie five piece Fickle Friends return this week, premiering their new track “Hello Hello”.

The track continues to showcase the Brighton band’s one-off sound with scattered synths and infectious beats that would fit in perfectly next to any new The 1975 track. In short, Fickle Friends are a talent that you simply can’t find anywhere else, and will always be there for you if you want to dance.

The Maine – “Bad Behaviour”
If you haven’t been keeping up with The Maine (or never did to begin with), this song will teach you exactly what you’ve been missing.

As the second single from the upcoming album of the sane name, “Bad Behaviour” stays within the boundaries of kissing girls and metaphorical danger, with John O’Callaghan’s dreamy lyrics laced into light indie beats.
Despite the differences between 2014’s Forever Halloween and their most recent record, 2015’s American Candy, The Maine truly seem to have found their sound – A mature and pop heavy version of themselves that everyone has grown to love.

HAUS – “Gave You All”

Despite their little selection of music available on the internet, North London based HAUS released one of my favourite new tracks this week, and are quickly gaining publicity from new songs, including another recent single, “LEVELS”.

Taking influence from heavy hip hop and electronic sounds, “Gave You All” create a grungier sound than the rest, with lyrics filled with emotion and high energy that is clearly built for live shows.

Checkout this Spotify playlist including everything mentioned in today’s New Music Friday, as well as Sorority Noise, Knuckle Puck, and more.

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