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EP tour in Indonesia coming up this year in October

Reveling in bringing audiences through planets of cadence  and dance, The YY dedicates his performance into captivating  the audience with his unique demonstration of rhythm.  Hailing from Valencia, Spain, The YY has been mixing to the  masses for the past 2 years, bringing influences from his  constant flow of international tours around Melbourne &  Sydney, Australia; Palawan, Cebu, Manila, Philippines; and  Hong Kong, China. With an endless thirst to expand his  horizons, The YY is constantly seen building his sound riddled  with the exploration of musical and cultural influences he’s  gained throughout his career.  He loves producing and collaborating with upcoming artists  and pioneering new stems to share with his artist network. His  love for the audience pushes him to attempt to deeply connect  and interact with every set, every song, and every chant. You can catch him skydiving, surfing, or scuba diving in a  town near you before his set. Adamant in spreading his vibes  across the globe, The YY promises to unite his audiences  under a banner of cadence and avant-guarde tempo. With only five years to live, he’s bound to give it his all and  pour his heart out on the deck for you.

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