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Dont miss out on upcoming artist Shizzwhatitiz

Shizzwhatitiz – also known as Sean House an American recording artist born and raised in Philadelphia, pa has been on a well-versed venture to the pursuit of happiness in his elected occupation for over 8 years. Becoming introduced to the hip hop world with a significant influence from his father being a DJ, at only 4 Shizzwhatitiz had discovered his skillful passage in to the world of music. With his enduring mother working hard to make a life for him after divorcing his father shizz had big dreams.At only 9 years old he begun to collect notebooks of his own personal rhymes, forming a foundation for an impressive and catchy flow that would only aim to intrigue his wide range of followers.Which led him in 2006 to help form a talented group called “UnderGround Struggle“ made up of five hungry artist along with producers Amir Swain and Atlantas producer Chasetheartist where the strategy was to demolish the opponent in a lifestyle of street battle rapping. Life unfortunately forced the group in different directions over time but they all still grind in there own paths. However, shizz’s hunger keeps him moving bringing a raw city flow that has been inspired by who he would call the greats Dmx ,Beanie Siegal , Biggie Smalls, Tupac and Jayz thats he has polished and perfected to his own skill.Now living in Florida starting new ventures with a classical mixtape and newly released Ep #Reallifenopromo circulating which can be found on datpiff.com/Shizzymaybach .He has recently started working with Rhodes islands own Mayhem Muzik while working on his own ventures SmokeOutBoyz Ent he has alot on his plate and does not seem to be slowing down with upcoming mixtapes and ep dropping soon . His pursuit does not seem that far out of reach .



Twitter – @Shizzwhatitiz

Instagram- @Shizzwhatitiz





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