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Rapper/Poet/Lyricist/Producer/Mixing-Mastering Engineer

Midwest native born in Columbus, Ohio Nehemiah Bowie aka B Dynasty is a 17 yr old trying to explain how he feels about life.

“I have a passion for the art of making music and, being able to connect on a real level with listeners. Music is my release valve whether good, bad or indifferent, the words that can’t be put into a sentence I put in music.”

B Dynasty was first introduced to Hip-Hop music in 2005 and loved it. “I made my first beat on Acid Pro back in 2010. For three years, I just made beats and played them, but in 2012 I started writing. The first song I ever wrote was Pouring out My Heart. I write what is on my mind I have gone through about 8 notebooks of writings. The first song I recorded was in 2013 in Acid and it was called Betrayal. The quality wasn’t very good, but I didn’t know that at the time. I wrote more and recorded more songs. In 2014 my writing and flow was better and I was making more and more music. I released my first mixtape, Behind the Eyes on January 1, 2015 using Studio One. “

“I believe music has a huge impact on the world, and if I can positively impact someone by being able to connect with them over music, then I have completed the goal for my music. Every song, beat, word, all have a story and through music it is told. ” -B Dynasty


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